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General Principles

A review of the "public interest cirterion" in section 679(3)(c), and the reviewability and enforceability interests at play: R v Oland, 2017 SCC 17R v Luckese, 2016 ONCA 359 at paras 4-5

Bail takes on a greater significance where it appears that all, or a significant portion, of a sentence will be served before the appeal can be heard and decided. Where a bail order is out of the question, appellate judges should consider ordering the appeal expedited under s.679(10):  Oland at para. 48.

Second and subsequent applications for release pending appeal require an appellant to demonstrate a material change in circumstances from those under consideration on the prior application or applications. A material change in circumstances requires information that could alter the assessment of one or more of the statutory factors governing release pending appeal: R v Dyce, 2016 ONCA 397 at para 2

Apart from exceptional circumstances, the failure of an appellant to respond to a release order, by surrendering into custody in accordance with its terms, will almost invariably result in the dismissal of the appeal: R v Dolinsky, 2017 ONCA 495 at para 14

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